Food · April 2023 · 7 Minute Read

Boost your business all year round with Blendtec blender!

Boost your business all year round with Blendtec blender!

Choosing the right blender for your business is important as they can be a significant investment but the return in sales of blended drinks is well worth it.

Blendtec blenders are designed to make your life easier. With a range of blending technology, you can be sure that your drinks are blended to perfection. From everyday blending through to the revolutionary in-cup blender.

Connoisseur825. The Connoisseur 825 boasts industry-leading power and a wide range of state-of-the-art features designed to ensure speed, consistency, and quality with each and every order. This blender also includes an advanced sound enclosure to reduce blending noise by around 50%.

Stealth885. The Stealth 885 combines durability, power and a wealth of exciting features. Simply put, it’s the quietest and most advanced commercial blender on the planet, with an easy to clean tactile touchpad.

Stealth895. The Stealth 895 NBS combines durability, power, a tactile touchpad, and sound enclosure with innovative in-cup blending technology.

Connoisseur 825SpaceSaver. The Connoisseur 825SpaceSaver is a workhorse built with longevity in mind. It’s powerful and durable enough to stand up to heavy daily use, making it perfect for high-volume shops.

Blendtec also offers a range of jars and accessories, you can be sure that you are offering the best drinks and mixology to your customers. From colored jars to support allergy control, to the innovation of the cold foam jar, Blendtec has it covered.

Still not sure which blender is right for your business? Contact Food Aroma now and we will help you get the most out of your Blendtec blender.